Andros Pine forest is a home to a variety of animals starting from Wild boar, many species of birds, and land Crab. These nature gifts make of Andros a center to many outdoors activities;

A Cambo camping/fishing and exploring Andros Island

Andros is know as the bonefishing capital of the world, with its beautiful flats and white sand Beaches, Andros is an attraction to not only fishermen, but to visitors who are interested in Ecotourism:

  • Bird watching, Biking, Exploring Blues holes and Parks,
  • Bonefishing, Tarpon and Permit Fishing,
  • Camping, Sightseeing, Snorkling, Diving, and also living the Androsian culture shown in the festivities and the Culinary dishes.

Offshore and deep see fishing are one of the best sea fishing in the Carribean, where you hunt Yellow fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Whahoo, relying on the species’s season.

Add to the list, the Spearfishing as Andros Barrier Reef is a home to a variety of species like Nassau Grouper, Mutten Fish, Cubera Snappers and others.

Proud of our African Heritage. Junkanoo is one of Andros festival that take place once a year. Please enjoy the link (all stars at Andros Junnkanoo 2014).









Andros Island is known with land Crab, and the inhabitants are known as (Crab catshers) and also by the culinary dishes based on Crabs.

  • Crab and Rice,
  • Crab and dough,
  • Crab soup, and you name it.


This cultural event led to one of the famous Festival on Andros Island (Crab Fest), that takes place every second weekend of the Month of June.

During the festival natives display a variety of culinary dishes, craft work, animated by native music by native artist, An event that attracts native and international visitors.